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In the 21st century, maintaining IT business hardware and software applications isn't a luxury — it is a business necessity. By partnering with our team of fully qualified experts, Niktor provides small to medium sized enterprises with the expertise and programming they require to remain competitive in a global marketplace. Niktor is capable of providing support and maintenance of existing hardware and software, including ERP applications. Almost 50 to 60 percent of any given company's IT budget is spent on maintenance. Niktor provides far more cost-effective solutions in this department for a variety of different industries and organizational structures, emphasizing transparency and fairness in each of our business transactions.

Application maintenance in particular requires understanding the direction, growth potential, and daily requirements of any given company. As an example, ERP software may become outdated in only a few years if it is not rigorously updated or maintained, slowing down an organization's ability to fully harness their strategic potential. Niktor has developed a series of services that enable companies to incorporate new advances in technology without having to overhaul their existing infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our most important goal is to serve the customer and maximize business efficiency. When properly maintained, applications and hardware can boost productivity and cut operational costs to customers, vendors, and other organization personnel with exceptional agility and finesse.

Breakthroughs in both processing speed and functionality have made applications increasingly integral to the daily operations of most small to medium enterprises. However, the key to retaining this advantage lies in constantly updating the software to reflect newer and better means of processing and distributing information. Much as an individual gathers experience through a career of work, a computer program gradually reveals its flaws and strengths over a concentrated period of time.

Software can be changed in only a few hours or days in order to maximize its potential and create an ever more profitable and seamless process for a company. As the company grows into other markets, expands its client base, or simply makes use of new technologies, Niktor can help re-engineer or update existing applications and hardware to provide the necessary expertise to keep a company at work. In this era of global connectivity, downtime is no longer an option. Niktor's application maintenance is innovative, flexible, and always on time.

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  • Cartoon Network
  • Rough Draft Studios
  • SpongeBob Movie #2
  • Apple Computers
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • Wonka Chocolates and Candy


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