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At Niktor, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative technology and software solutions that meet their strategic objectives in a time-sensitive manner. Working with our clients in a collaborative environment, we first compile a list of their business needs and analyze where deficiencies lie in current processes. Future business requirements, as well as the current cost of technology/software ownership and maintenance, are taken into consideration. This evaluation becomes the cornerstone of our client relationship and product/service delivery plan.

Niktor then proposes several different custom-designed technology/software solutions that address the client's unique business challenges, transform current applications into powerful platforms and improve the existing infrastructure. Project timelines and costs are discussed, and milestones are set up to measure progress.

Once the client's objectives, project timeline, and budget considerations have been addressed, we develop an action plan that includes technology/software building, testing, optimization and implementation. Upon final product launch, Niktor measures several performance parameters to quickly isolate possible issues and resolve them. We not only troubleshoot given issues, but we also optimize product integration in a proactive manner. Our end goal is a client who is not only satisfied with our service and technical expertise, but who is happy to recommend Niktor to colleagues.

Niktor has worked with a wide spectrum of industries and their respective technologies and software applications. Our range of software application development services includes ERP implementation, transition, customization, enhancement, as well as the support of SAP, BPCS (ERP LX) and JDEdwards (World Software) platforms. We have installed and managed IBM mainframes and midrange systems (AS/400), Microsoft and Open Source technologies and Infrastructure Management Services.

We also offer individualized services that help clients meet their business requirements while reducing process inefficiencies and costs and optimizing time, money and resources. Our services include IT Strategy Consulting, Delivery Management Consulting, Green Field Projects Implementation and Outsourced Product Development.

Niktor has helped clients achieve unparalleled success through our innovative and dedicated approach to customer service and our technical prowess with various platforms. Working together with us, our clients have reduced overhead and other business costs, improved asset management, and increased productivity. Our personal attention to detail has resulted in software applications that are free of major bugs and errors, reducing the time and expense required for debugging and troubleshooting

Our Clients

  • Cartoon Network
  • Rough Draft Studios
  • SpongeBob Movie #2
  • Apple Computers
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • Wonka Chocolates and Candy


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